Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And the winner is.......the IRS

Ok, I'm not going to lie I'm not a big fan of the big hoopla with all the award shows. To tell you the truth I'd rather watch MSNBC than hear analysis concerning Kiefer Sutherland's outfit while he walks down the red carpet, but I digress. Apparently I am in the minority on this matter as even the IRS has become interested in the Emmy's. As I read more and more about what is and what can't be taxed I am becoming exponentially more confused. Apparently a gift is only taxed if a gift is actually meant to be a gift and not a gift for motives ungiftlike. Or something like that. Many of the Emmy atendee's were advised to not take the gifts because the tax consequences were too high. Darn, welcome to the real world and what we all have to deal with because of the complexity of our tax code.


Stephen Collins (7th Heaven) chose not to take the gift bag this year
because of the tax consequences. "Just my luck. I'm finally able to
get one and this happens," he said.

As for SNL's Tina Fey: "No, I am not going to take it. My accountants
told me the taxes were too high, and I live in New York, so they have
to send the stuff — and a lot of stuff you don't get anyway."

One actor felt that the IRS was singling Hollywood out because of their high profile. Ummm... excuse me are you kidding me?

Several stars said they wouldn't accept, including 24's Gregory Itzin
"I refused. I wanted to shortcut that whole problem. It's foolish. It's
focused on us because we're so high-profile."

Yeah, that's it Greg it has nothing to do with the gift basket being worth more than most people make a year. Who is Gregory Itzen anyways?

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