Monday, August 28, 2006

A FairTax Blog Welcome!

Welcome!! I want to thank everyone for visiting and for everyones support. Also I especially want to welcome those of you not on board the FairTax train yet for your curiousity in learning more about the FairTax. I am very excited to start this blog as we have received an enormous outpouring of emails and calls calling for one. As we have heard your outcry, with your continued help congress will also feel that same pressure and pass the FairTax. I hope to make this blog both entertaining and informative for ya'll. As “youngin'” here in the office I was unofficially selected as “Supreme Commander of the Blog” a couple weeks ago. So during the past few weeks I have been researching numerous popular blogs (fairtax and non-fairtax related) for some ideas. Two particular FairTax blogs of inspiration have been The Fairtax Blog and FairTax at UF and I want to thank them for their ambition and support of the FairTax. From my search I have come to two conclusions concerning the developement of a good blog. Firstly, that succesful blogs need a very active audience (Ya’ll) and secondly that the blogger (Me) contribute posts frequently that are informative, entertaining, and engaging to the audience. With that being said I encourage everyone to email me any suggestions, comments, or concerns ya'll have. The aim is that this blog help shake some branches and stir up even more excitement and support for the FairTax. Keep up the good work!! Hotty Toddy!

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