Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Letter to the Editor of the Month Award

I am going to be posting the best published letter to the editor each month in hopes of showing everyone effective examples of letters to the editor and to give props to the individual writers for a job well done. This month’s winner is Mr. Jay Herrell of Las Vegas who had this published on August 15th by the Las Vegas Review. It points out perfectly a very fundamental crux of the FairTax and why it is works. Good job Jay, for his achievement we will be sending Jay the Ronco Set-it-and-forget-it Rotisserie. Keep up the good work!

Consumers always pay

To the editor:

John Brummett's Sunday column says the federal Fair Tax proposal "would do away with corporate income taxes and replace them with a sales tax that only consumers, but not businesses, would pay. That's an irresponsible, even immoral, shift of tax burden from corporations to consumers."Mr. Brummett must have graduated from Berkley with a degree in literature, because he obviously never took Economics 101. When a corporation pays a tax, there is only one source for that revenue stream: the consumer who walks in and plunks his money down for the product or service the corporation provides. Corporations never pay income taxes, only the consumers and the owners of the corporation pay income taxes! In fact, if a "corporation" pays any form of income tax to anyone, the owners of the corporation pay income taxes twice (once on the business they own and again on their personal income) but the consumer ends up paying the whole bill.Wouldn't it be better if the consumer knew exactly what the tax bill really was?

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