Friday, September 01, 2006's Poll's says FairTax BEST IDEA!

This just shows you that the support is a top issue. Let's keep up the good work and make Congress and the rest of America aware of the FairTax!

This month you offered ideas and people told Congress what they thought of them. You can still weigh in by selecting your view. Then vote for the idea you think Congress should adopt by clicking once on the "Best Idea" link next to your favorite. Results of voting for best idea so far: 9,512 votes
- 14% Raise the Minimum Wage Every Four Years
- 30% Replace All Taxes With a National Sales Tax
- 13% Drug Tests for Those on Unemployment/Welfare
- 10% Constitutional Amendment - Right to Privacy
- 11% Remove All Overseas Troops and Put on U.S. Border IDEA -
- 22% No Pay for Congress When Approval Under 50%

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